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 April 14th 2018 - This report will actually cover three separate matters: First, a look at where we are at this time in the Bride; second, it provides a hopeful and welcomed update on matters that have unfolded in Africa—though initially very costly—and considers what they could mean right now; and third, I have an announcement regarding the translation of “The Curse Of 1920” into Arabic. Let us begin with our hope regarding the Bride. Regarding April 1, nothing particular was evidenced; and honestly, for me, I was then and am even now at the end of my rope concerning specific hopeful expectations. Yet on the other hand, there is the awareness of the VAST amount of things that the Father has given to me—things that no man has seen in two and even six thousand years. How can I thus deny that the Father is revealing Himself to me/us? To help you understand what I mean, these are just a few examples of this, which are critical to knowing and understanding what the Father is doing: The revelation of the profound truth of Yahshua’s restoration of the kingdom of heaven through the vow of the Nazirite (Numbers 6) The revelation of the pattern of the church seen in Zechariah 4: olive tree —lampstand — olive tree, or Bride — Body — Bride The Bride coming out of the sleeping Body of Christ, cutting short the church we have thus far known from 3,000 to 2,000 years The riddles of Bible contradictions and the key to their understanding The identification of the twenty-four elders—twelve former apostles and twelve latter apostles The thread and purpose of the office of Elijah—Judas -> Satan -> Elijah Satan, whose image is on Africa, is the head and substitutionary covering of Christianity The revelation of Satan receiving the legal right to 2,000 years of the church by asking to be cast into the 2,000 swine, who all went to the sea of death The Curse of 1920 The donkeys that were untied and bore Yahshua into Jerusalem are the Elijah who prepares the way for Immanuel’s return And these are only a portion of the many, many, many things the Father has revealed to this man, all of which no other man has ever before seen or even glimpsed. And I am just a nobody. In regard to these truths, one brother just emailed to me: “One thing I'm grateful for, even though the hope disappoints, is that the Bride Truth is so incredibly consistent and revealing that it certainly helps with keeping one going, which I know is one of the reasons you haven't given up.” Amen! So true! I see these things, along with having a HUGE foundation of unmistakable personal experiences (which I have not even addressed here), and yet still have not received what I/we must have—the divine affirmation of God and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the latter rain! So, what am I to do when I/we do not receive what we hope for, and must have? Are we going to go another thousand years and it be: “My God, my God, why have you forsaken us?” But that cannot be, for one would then have to remove from the Bible Zechariah 13:7-9 and Hosea 6:1-3. And the reality is, I do not know what to do at this point, other than just wait on Yahweh. So, when April 1 came and went, I went to Dallas and helped a brother do some drywall work in his home. This man helped me do the same when I remodeled the home I bought five years ago. I decided to at least go and help someone else. The reality is, this is what life should be about anyway. So what am I/we to do now? I really don’t know. I take one day at a time. And there are so many things that need to be fulfilled right now—both personally and corporately in many areas! I look to the Father. But the one hope I still have is that I am still sixty-nine. So if the Father will do something at the end of this third twenty-three-year period in my life, there is still room for it. We wait and watch. It is in His hands. Let us now look at the second item: a hopeful and welcomed update on matters that have unfolded in Africa—though initially very costly—and what they could mean right now. But before we get to the hopeful, we must lay out some tragic events that have preceded it. Within the last year, and especially more recently, a string of deaths and near deaths have occurred in Africa relative to the Bride work. First, one year ago Bishop Derrick, of Busia, was returning home after traveling with Caleb on an extensive and most profitable teaching period, and as he was walking back to his house, someone came up behind him and hit him in the back of the head, killing him. Strangely, Caleb was accused of murdering him and was placed in jail. That case went to trial and eventually Caleb was released. During this time, while Caleb was away teaching, two attacks were made against his wife, Belinda. First, she was walking down a road and a man on a motorbike struck her, breaking her leg, and the man kept going. Then after this another attack was far worse. An attacker entered into their home with a machete and struck Belinda and a young girl named Nyangi, severely injuring both of them and requiring their hospitalization. And then after this, while the family was out of the house, every bit of their furnishings, utensils, and even clothing were stolen. And moving forward, just recently the man who was helping Caleb as the driver of the car they are using to generate an income suddenly died, supposedly from food poisoning (though it was most likely intentional poisoning). And here again, strangely, Caleb was accused of poisoning him and was once again placed in jail. Also, another Bride brother named Rubben, who supported Caleb, was thereupon fired from his role as a constable. And once again we had to get Caleb out of jail. This time a lawyer named Timothy, who also embraced Bride truth, volunteered to defend him. Caleb was found not guilty and was released, and Timothy had Reuben restored to his position as a constable. But very tragically, not long after this a gunman entered into Timothy’s home and shot both him and his wife, killing both of them and leaving four young children without parents or family. There was no one to take the children, so Caleb took them into his home to be his own. And immediately after these murders, a man came to Caleb’s home and left a written message that said he was next to die. This was reported to the Rongo police and an intense investigation was initiated. Also involved in this were authorities from Busia where all of it began. Quickly they discovered who was the shooter who killed Timothy and his wife, and upon going to arrest him he was shot and killed—something they did not want to do, as he could have revealed who all was involved in all of this. And come to find out later, he was also the killer of Derrick, and he was even a pastor—Pastor Denise. Busia police then pursued a second man who was fleeing into Tanzania, and there captured him alive. With his confession, six people were implicated, including two police officers. Pastor Denise was shot and killed, and the other five were tried and jailed. But at the heart of all of this mayhem has been one Christian bishop in Busia—Bishop Raymond Wanyonyi, a wealthy man. When I was in Africa, I was the first to teach Bride truth in Busia, and on the morning of the second day, before I arrived to teach, Caleb was somewhat violently accused by three bishops, saying that he was trying to steal their followers. Bishop Wanyonyi was one of those three bishops, along with Bishop Derrick. Interestingly, we have here a tale of two bishops, which are starkly different. After that episode, Bishop Derrick repented of his error and actions and joyfully joined Caleb in his travels in going out to teach, bringing truth and hope to multiple thousands of pastors and Muslims. And before I taught there, Bishop Wanyonyi had twenty-two churches. Afterwards, he lost all of them to Bride truth. And in clear contrast to Bishop Derrick, Bishop Wanyonyi became jealous and bitter and began this rampage of destruction and death upon a host of innocent people, including his first casualty—brother Derrick, by the hands of Pastor Denise. And Wanyonyi went on to hire the other attacks as well: against Belinda and Nyangi, and included two instances where they broke into their home and stole the entirety of its contents! All of this and more was put into motion by the bitterness and greed of one man—Bishop Wanyonyi. Let us now examine the outcome of the court proceedings. Each of the remaining five men associated with these deaths and violence provided written confessions as to their guilt, and sentencing came on April 9, 2018. Caleb was there at sentencing, and Constable Rubben represented him, both there and throughout this final process, for which we are most grateful. Bishop Wanyonyi was charged with financing these crimes and was sentenced to seventeen years in jail. Pastor Denise was of course killed, but received a sentence of thirty years in jail for the murder of Derrick and Timothy and his wife. A second pastor, Pastor Wamaiyo, was found guilty of holding a gun and for robbery committed against Caleb’s household with violence, and received a sentence of sixteen years in jail. Victor Wamayio was found to have connection with the hit and run on a motorbike injuring Belinda, and with the hacking of Belinda and Nyangi with a machete, and was thereby sentenced to ten years in jail. And finally, Constable Kivu was charged with hiring guns to a criminal, thereby receiving twelve years in jail; and Sargent Wamalwa was equally charged with hiring guns to criminals and charged with murder, as well as in connection with robbery in Busia environs, receiving a sentence of fourteen years. So in total, there was a bishop, two pastors, two police officers, and a civilian who were involved in this. Let me draw a hopeful conclusion from all of this tragedy, which in the end led to swift and thorough justice. Frankly, I had very little to no hope that this would even be investigated, let alone come to this stunning outcome. And the reality is, the success of Bride teachings spreading to the entirety of this vast continent of Africa needs to happen around the world. And most significantly, the image on the continent of Africa is none other than that of Satan, with his little horn and crushed head and skullcap. As written in Zechariah 3:8-10, that continent with Satan’s image attests to his authority over Christianity. So what is my hope? I hope that in Busia where I first taught there, and just prior to it stepped off a road in the darkness of night and severely injured my foot and ankle, and that place has tragically been the origin of death and affliction to many good people, I hope all of this is a type of the affliction of Satan for two thousand years and that as the head of mankind’s like tragedy he is now being judged and will likewise be placed in jail! I pray that at this time Satan is equally and now finally being judged, and his office will now return to a man—to the fulfilling Elijah to whom it belongs for the cause and purpose of good and not evil, for light and not darkness, for freedom and not bondage! I pray that what is transpiring in Africa regarding the Bride and all of these events are a reflection of what is happening in the heavenly—“Thy kingdom come Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Grant us victory, oh Yahweh, over our enemy, Satan, even Haman Satan! Equally judge him and cast him into prison, oh Yahweh! We desperately need Your justice now, and may it too be swift! Now for the third and final item to be addressed here. Five years ago a professor in the Department of English Languages and Translation at King Khalid University in Abha, Saudi Arabia, requested permission to translate “The Curse Of 1920” into Arabic. We entered into a contract for this, and I asked him if his students would assist in it. His reply was that, no, this was far too important to entrust to them, that he would personally translate it. Today, that work is finally completed, and here is the book cover and two pages from its interior.   Interestingly, I showed the completed book to a Bride brother who knows Hebrew, as well as some Arabic, and he told me that these two languages are remarkably similar, and gave me some examples. I found it quite interesting that the Arabs and the Jews of course came from the same father, Abraham, and that their languages were so similar. And, they are both equally read from right to left. When I showed these to the man who did the interiors for all three of the books I was blessed to publish, as well as produced the cover for “Purity and the Golden Ball,” he remarked that the fact that it was published through the “University Book House” would be quite advantageous. I am hopeful that with the timing of this release, the Father will move through and on behalf of the Bride. Let me say something here that needs to be said. As you know, I removed the “Africa Report” because both Caleb and Walter lied to me about the photos. I did not and do not question the meetings and their outcomes that were reported upon. I know what they did brought that up for questioning, but I am assured that their offence was limited to the photos. And frankly, I believe that was Yahweh’s design so as to remove the concentration from Africa and the “Africa Report,” to be replaced by the writings and concentration on the “Gary Report.” I think you would agree that there have been many valuable reasons to have this latter report. But I hope you now see that the Father continues to have His way and will and plan in Africa relative to the Bride—specifically as an intercession. And all one has to do is look at the cross and you will see that identification/intercession is CRITICAL beyond comparison! And furthermore, keep in mind that it was a black man from Africa who carried Yahshua’s cross. There is no replacement, either personally or corporately, for identification/intercession. It happens all the time, every day and every moment, and it goes entirely unnoticed—personally and corporately. But it is critical! And gratefully, when all of this mayhem was taking place and Bride was having to financially support the investigations and transportation of not only officers into Tanzania and the constable who was representing us, but also those who were so severely affected by this, and more specifically the children, it was your gifts that made this possible. Just recently a brother whom I had to call provided $300 to get lawyer Timothy’s children into school and keep Caleb out of even more trouble. Why did this even come about? Because another bishop, Bishop Aladwa, like unto the activities of Bishop Wanyonyi called the Rongo school district and told them that Caleb did not have those children in school. I assure you, Bishop Aladwa had no interest in the children, but was still trying to afflict Caleb. Brothers and sisters, the threat has not gone away from Africa, and the desire of others there has not ended in wanting to be taught these critical and effectual truths. Right now Walter is in Guinea, on the west coast, teaching 535 pastors and bishops and 89 Muslims. Please, do not forget Bride at this time. Gratefully the funds were there for all that I reported on here, but do not hold back your support. It is still very much needed. And every penny you give goes to Bride. I take nothing out of it. So please be faithful. Everything you read about in this report is made possible in one regard or another because you give, and I urge you to faithfully do so. We look to the Father, and we thus look to you. May He be all in all in our lives; and we praise Him for what He is doing here in giving us victory over our enemies in Africa, including our chief enemy Satan. Father, deliver us! In Yahshua’s name, Gary PS: This morning I even received an email death threat from Bishop Aladwa, as well as a like threat to Caleb. I forwarded both of these to Constable Rubben. The email death threat is from, of all places: “prayers line.” This is the same spirit that was in the Catholics in the time of the Reformation. Rubben called me and said the filing will cost $230, and he is eager to put a stop to this threat as well. I told him that as soon as I receive the funds, I will send them to him and he can proceed. And added to this, I just called Caleb and told him that the three bishops in Busia who accosted him were representative of the three thousand years of Christianity. And then I asked him, “Was Bishop Aladwa the third bishop there at Busia who threatened you?” He answered, “Yes.” He had actually already called someone to ask the same question, and it was affirmed. Needless to say Caleb, as well as myself, were amazed at this, that these three bishops were clear testimonies of the three thousand years of the church—a two-thirds/one-third pattern. Bishops Wanyonyi and Aladwa, who seek to kill the Bride work, are themselves the two thousand years of the church; while Bishop Derrick, who believed in Bride, is the third part that brings Immanuel back to this earth. But unfortunately, Derrick was a first Remnant type who is the first bird that had to die. And even more confirming in all of this, Derrick was the first one to die, initiating this entire MOST costly intercession that the Father has performed since then. And now Bishop Aladwa wants to kill not only Caleb, but me as well, who is hopefully the Elijah. I hope this most amazing and revealing and confirming period of identification/intercession will now bring us what we so desperately need—the Elijah and the fulfilling Bride, preparing the way for Immanuel! PPS: And keep in mind, Caleb was put in jail twice; but the bars could not hold him, and in each case he was released. This is what we need today after two thousand years of Christianity. Amen, Father. 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 March 21st 2018 - In this report, we want to look back over the last few days and see how all of these recent events and understandings unfolded. And hopefully by seeing this we can understand what the Father is doing. Of course we will reflect on Purim as well and see where we are in pursuing the Father concerning all of this and where we are going. On March 12, I was talking with a Bride brother concerning Joel 2:23, which in the New American Standard Bible reads:Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Windows 10 the latest customer reviews and compare ratings for King James Bible.
The Valley of Achor where Satan is judged and even burned after being revealed by the casting of lots, will be turned into the door of hope. This fulfillment is specifically for today! Also, this verse has long been a scripture of delight for me, that Yahweh would turn the valley of Achor into a door of hope. By the judgment of Satan, we today will know and experience Yahweh in an entirely new way. Also, even as the casting of lots by Haman which was intended for evil was turned to good, so the casting of lots by the disciples that was wrong will now be turned to good—Satan Achan Haman is now exposed and the office of the twelfth apostle that went from Judas to Satan will now go to the Elijah. This is the victory we see regarding Achor, affording us victory that had before been defeat—Ai. As noted in Abarim Publications, “The name Ai comes from the verb עוה ('awa), meaning to bend or twist to a point of destruction.” And of course Achan himself means twisted as well. Is it not obvious we are talking here about the twisted serpent, Satan? And as we read in Joshua 8, the Israelites utterly destroyed all the inhabitants of Ai, and then burned it and “made it a heap forever.” Finally, they “hanged the king of Ai on a tree until evening; and at sunset Joshua gave command and they took his body down from the tree and threw it at the entrance of the city gate, and raised over it a great heap of stones that stands to this day.” How is that for totally eliminating Satan and his works? In toto! Other than a brief release following the Millennial Reign, he is finished! And good riddance! In the next verse in Hosea 2 we read:Download King James Bible (KJV) Free apk 2 0 9 for Android Experience a richer fuller bible study with this King James Bible app For free?
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